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Peach blossom in spring

This comprehensive half-day workshop follows a fruit tree through the seasons, highlighting the key points where a little attention for your trees can make all the difference between growing a bumper crop of organic fruit, or not! If you only get to one workshop this year, this is the one that can make the most difference!

Apple thinning

All too often, backyard fruit growers discover they have a problem when it's too late to fix or prevent it...and the crop is lost...again! By getting an overview of a year in the life of your fruit tree, you'll understand the simple jobsand when to do themthat will give you the best possible chance of growing great fruit each year.

Season by season, we’ll show you how to avoid most common problems, how to prevent pests and diseases, why fruit thinning will help you to get fruit each year, why good hygiene for your trees is so important, and Healthy apricotshow to look after your soil.

During the second part of the workshop, you'll learn how to adapt our Seasonal Management Plan to suit your individual situation.

The workshop is taught by Katie, who has nurtured the 5,000 fruit trees at Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens (cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples and pears) through many a hot summer, wet spring, and cold winter!

By the end of this workshop you’ll have a tailored Seasonal Management Plan for your fruit trees that will help them to be fruitful, healthy, and productive for life.

"Great info for me to transfer to my own backyard fruit trees."
Chris, Castlemaine

Who is this workshop for?

  • People already growing, or wanting to grow, their own fruit at home, including cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, and pears
  • People who are renting houses with fruit trees in the backyard
  • People who look after fruit trees in the community
  • People who are interested in permacApricots in autumnulture, growing their own food, or food security

What does this workshop cover?

  • Key jobs to do each season
  • Why crop thinning every year is important
  • Understanding the right times to water, and how much water your trees need
  • What garden hygiene is and why it’s important
  • When is the right time to prune different types of trees
  • The keys to pest and disease prevention in different seasons
  • How encouraging biodiversity in the garden helps to grow healthy fruit
  • Knowing the right time to pick your fruit
  • Tailoring our Seasonal Management Plan to keep you on track through every season

What’s provided?

  • Workshop notes
  • A Seasonal Management Plan

What you need to bring:

  • A pen and/or coloured markers for note taking
  • Appropriate warm clothing (this workshop is inside, but depending on the venue it may not be heated)

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