Budding (Summer Grafting)

This jam-packed 2-hour workshop will introduce you to the amazing world of growing your own fruit trees and give you the knowledge and skills to graft fruit trees seedlings, or change the variety of fruit trees in your garden.

You'll learn how to preserve heritage varieties, how to graft rootstocks or existing fruit trees to change varieties, watch a demonstration of budding by a master grafter, and be able to practice the technique yourself on real trees, in our orchard. 

Many gardens don't grow the variety of fruit that you prefer to eat, or the fruit all ripens together in a glut, or the tree never has any fruit for lack of a polliniser. Imagine how much money you'll save by growing your own trees, and how much fun you can have by changing varieties, or adding new varieties and creating a "fruit salad tree".

This workshop covers the reasons for grafting, explains what a rootstock is and how to get (or grow) one, and demonstrates budding (summer grafting) technique.

Budding is another form of grafting to grwo your own fruit treesThe workshop is taught by master grafter Merv Carr (Katie's dad), who runs the Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens tree nursery, growing all the trees that are planted on our organic orchard.

By the end of this workshop you’ll never need to buy a fruit tree again, but will have the skills and confidence to grow your own trees and continually improve your fruit tree garden to grow exactly the type of fruit you want to eat!

"Thanks for taking time to answer specific questions and explain clearly to a novice."
Eliza Gilchrist, Castlemaine, central Victoria

Who is this workshop for?

  • People who are already growing, or wanting to grow, their own fruit
  • People who look after fruit trees in the community
  • People who are interested in organics, permaculture, growing their own food, or food security
  • People who already grow, or are interested in growing, fruit or fruit trees commercially

What does this workshop cover?

A young trree with buds inserted to grow new fruit tree

  • The theory and practice of budding
  • Equipment required for budding
  • How and when to collect seed or cuttings to grow your own rootstocksand how to look after them
  • How and when to plant seeds and cuttings
  • Sources of rootstocks for grafting
  • Compatabilities between different rootstocks/types of trees
  • Techniques for changing the variety, or adding a pollinising variety, to a mature tree
  • How to add a create a "fruit salad tree"

What you need to bring:

  • A knife if you would like to practice budding. Specific budding knives are best, but a sharp, clean pocket knife will do.
  • Here's a great link to find out more about knives
  • Clean, sharp secateurs
  • A pen and note paper for note-taking 
  • appropriate shoes and outdoor clothing, as part of the workshop is held in the orchard so you can practice on our trees 
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Budding (Summer Grafting) Workshop, Sunday 25 February, 10 am - 1 pm
This jam-packed 2-hour workshop will introduce you to the amazing world of growing your own fruit..
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