Democrat (organic)

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This apple was discovered in about 1900 growing in the orchard of J.D. Duffy near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (it's known as Tasma in New Zealand). Parentage is Hoover x unknown. Fruit has very firm, coarse-textured, juicy, sweet flesh but lacks in flavour, so it's best left on the tree to fully ripen. The apples are a dark red colour with a yellow background, dual purpose (eating and cooking). Fruit is medium sized. Trees are spreading, tends to be biennial, flowers mid to late season. Grows well at higher altitude. In pollination group 4, which means it's likely to be pollinised by Brabrant Bellefleur, King of Pippins, Michelin (cider) and Peasgood Nonesuch - these are all uncommon varieties, but there's a good chance this variety will also be pollinised by the late flowers of apple varieties in group 3 (e.g. Granny Smith, Gala, Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious). It's a very late season apple, ripening mid to late April. It's said to have been stored for over twelve months. Also called Duffy's Seedling. 

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