Grow Your Own Fruit Trees (Grafting)


A great morning, just need to get a sharp knife and practice!

Gabrielle Salts

[Yearly Fruit Tree Planner] I was hoping to have a clearer idea of what to do, when. This is exactly what was delivered. In addition, I have learnt heaps of new detail, it's very exciting! I'm looking forward to being able to put my new knowledge into practice. Thanks Katie!

[Grafting] I have learnt heaps! And am looking forward to applying my new knowledge. Very inspiring and exciting workshops!

Linnet Good

[Yearly Fruit Tree Planner] Very well presented workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed and will be of great benefit.

Chris Weatheritt

[Pest and Disease Control for Healthy Fruit Trees Workshop] It was pitched at a really good level for a beginner, I would find some clearer pictures and examples of pests and damage to trees and fruit helpful.

Alice Holloway

[Pest and Disease Control for Healthy Fruit Trees Workshop] Clearly presented. Common sense approach to controlling pests and diseases, prevention focussed. I look forward to boosting my trees' immune system and monitoring and then knowing some things I can do to help!

Emma Jimson

[Pest and Disease Control for Healthy Fruit Trees Workshop] Interaction is great. Much easier to take in when presenters are responding to specific problems.

David Mithen, Harcourt

[Pest and Disease Control for Healthy Fruit Trees Workshop] Very informative and interesting, one of a kind workshop.

Wayne Weightman, Castlemaine

[Building Healthy Soil Workshop] Really enjoyed today, great presentation, look forward to looking at my soil differently from now on. Would love to attend more workshops.

Orla Quinn, Melbourne

[Building Healthy Soil Workshop] I felt the information was well put together, a good balance of theory and practical. Thank you very much.

Robert Degger

[Yearly Fruit Tree Planner Workshop] Great overall informative session, to physically enable you to grow, maintain and produce a healthy fruit tree garden.


Helen Costa, Melbourne

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