Amber Jewel Amber Jewel

Dark red, almost black skin. Bright amber-yellow flesh is sweet and remains firm even when fully ripe.

Planted in 2004.

Picking Dates: 21 January to 10 February


Angelina Angelina

European heritage variety dating from the 1840s. Smallish fruit, dark purple skin with heavy bloom, dark yellow flesh. Known as a very sweet plum, freestone. Prized for eating and liqueur making due to the high sugar content.

Picking Dates: 18 Jan to 15 Feb


Angeleno Angeleno

Japanese, medium size. Deep purple skin over a red ground colour, amber flesh. Colours well before ripe. Good flavour, nice and sweet if allowed to ripen properly on tree. Stores well, semi-clingstone.

Picking Dates: 2 to 14 March


Autumn Giant Autumn Giant

Japanese, very large. Dark pink skin over a yellow background, heavy bloom. Yellow flesh, very firm but softens when overripe. Good sweet flavour when properly ripe, freestone. Fruit falls from tree easily in wind when ripe, so harvesting at right time is critical.

Picking Dates: 16 March to 5 April


Black Friar Amber Jewel



Picking Dates:


Donsworth Donsworth

Japanese blood plum, dark maroon, thin skin with obvious green mottling. Good sweet flavour, clingstone. Lightish red skin with clear to pink juice.

Picking Dates: 24 to 31 Jan


Eldorado Eldorado

Eldorado has a bright red to reddish skin with purple highlights. It has an amber flesh with a mellow, sweet flavor. The plum stays firm during cooking, making it a great plum for bottling.

Planted in 2004.

Picking Dates:


Frontier Amber Jewel


Picking Dates:


Greengage Greengage

Greengage have a deep green skin that changes to golden yellow, and gets a rose blush when fully ripe. The yellow flesh is soft and succulent with a sweet honey flavour.

Planted in 2004.

Picking Dates: 25 to 30 January


Mariposa Mariposa

Japanese blood plum, good size, regular cropper. Very good flavour, keeps well. Dark red to purple skin, dark red flesh with pink juice. Soft when ripe, lovely sweet flavour. Semi-freestone, makes beautiful jam or plum sauce.

Picking Dates: 21 Jan to 15 Feb



Japanese, medium to large. Dark purple slightly acid skin, yellow to greenish flesh when ripe. Clingstone, lovely flavour, beautiful rich plum smell. Shy cropper. Coincides with cherry season.

Picking Dates: 11 to 25 Jan


President President

European heritage variety dating from early 1900s. Large oval fruit with deep purple skin covered with a heavy bloom. Colours before ripe. Yellow flesh, soft when ripe. High acid, but sweet when fully ripe. Freestone with a large cavity – very versatile plum, good for jam, sauce, bottling, and prized for liqueur making if allowed to get really ripe on the tree (though will drop if allowed to over-ripen).

Plum Wine President plums are available in bulk. These plums get very sweet if left on the tree to fully ripen, and many of our customers purchase larger quantities for home-made wines and liqueurs. Bulk orders can be made at the beginning of the season and after payment of a deposit, we can leave them on the tree to become deliciously sweet and ripe. To make an order or enquire about plum sales, go to the Contact Us page.

Picking Dates: 7 to 18 Feb


Prune D'Agen Amber Jewel


Picking Dates:


Ruby Blood Ruby Blood

Japanese blood plum, small to medium. Dark red to purple mottled skin prone to blemish, dark red juicy flesh. Slightly better than Mariposa for jam, sauce, bottling because freestone and slightly more acid skin (maybe sets a little easier).

Picking Dates: 13 to 28 March


Satsuma Satsuma

Very dark, dense blood plum. Freestone, sweet with a tang. Excellent for eating and processing.


Picking Dates: 16 to 25 January


Sierra Sweet Amber Jewel


Picking Dates:



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