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[Yearly Fruit Tree Planner Workshop] You rock! These workshops are going to give me the best possible chance to improve my orchard and fruit production!

Lucy Young, Castlemaine

Budding Workshop: Great info for me to transfer to my own backyard fruit trees. I'l give it a go!


Budding workshop: Excellent, clear, friendly, accessible, great info and practical hands-on

Rita Gyorffy

just enjoyed some of your gorgeous nectarines & plums bought at you can taste the sunshine & love

Michelle Ellis

Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge and experience Katie.

Rima Truchanas

Thanks for leaving time to answer specific questions and explain clearly to a novice!

Eliza Gilchrist

Pragmatic, concise information – not so mind boggling. Thanks Katie – fabulous!

Anna Winneke

Terrific session! Thanks. We will definitely put into practice the advice on controlling pests in the orchard and garden.

Judy and Philip Hopley

[Pruning] I think pruning is really difficult! Been to several workshops over the years and I vacillate between leaving the tree to do its own thing, and cutting off everything that is not absolutely where I think (!) I want it! Your workshop was excellent because (1) you were encouraging (2) you kept referring back to the basic principles – which makes us THINK, observe before we prune! For me, very time advice re ground cover (and you convinced me!). Have been saying for some time that mulching and keeping the margins around the mulch clear of weeds is unsustainable in terms of effort (mine!). Will have lots of fun sowing lentils and vetch (which I have bags of seed of) in place of mulch. And will see how many herbs I can find (and afford)! Going out to put my first Bordeaux today. Many thanks for giving so generously of yourself!

[Building Healthy Soil Workshop] Was very glad not to be overwhelmed by science! Enjoyed the practical along with the theory. Didn't appreciate the interruption of the sourdough ad! Really appreciate the way you are so open to questions and contributions from the participants. Will certainly grow EVEN BETTER fruit now!"

[Worm Farms and Compost Tea Workshop] Good timing, pace practical examples, Appreciate your theory/practical praxis. Be great when you get a camera or photos of slides of compost tea. I like the options you presented of small scale worm farm and compost tea maker. Great to have notes too.

Clare Claydon

Great to hear practical, real approach from someone growing fruit. I look forward to future involvement and talks.

Gabrielle Pellissier

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