Grow Great Fruit Home-Study Program

Learn How To Grow Great Fruit

Because we've been organic fruit growers for 20 years, we get asked all the time how to look after fruit trees.

That’s why we created the Grow Great Fruit home-study program.

It's a complete system for growing your own healthy, organic fruit, without the problems, and the risk.  The course will teach you how to keep your soil healthy, rules of pruning, and how much water to give your trees.

You'll learn how to keep your trees healthy and free of pests and diseases, and there's heaps of tools, tricks, and skills to make sure you harvest a crop every single year.

This program will suit you if 

  • you lack confidence with your fruit trees
  • you've had repeated failures, lack of success or problems with your trees, and you're not sure why or how to prevent them
  • you're never quite sure what to do, or when to do it—but you know you have to make a decision!
  • you find it hard to prune because your trees look different to the ones in the books or on YouTube
  • you are feeling frustrated about where to get reliable advice
  • you'd love to feed your family organic fruit all year, but feel it's too expensive
  • you are sick of not being able to buy fruit that tastes good
  • you are worried about making mistakes—or just don't know where to start.

For full details visit the Grow Great Fruit website.

The GGF program includes 52 season-specific course modules, delivered to your inbox each week, plus "experts on tap" - unlimited one-on-one help from us. 

The Grow Great Fruit program includes these topics:

  • Pest and disease control: why organic?
  • Five key steps to pest and disease control
  • Monitoring for pests, diseases and nutritional deficiencies
  • Orchard maintenance: what is it, and why is it important?
  • Preventing big animals from damaging your fruit trees
  • The pros and cons of copper sprays
  • Understand the life cycle of pests and diseases to learn how to control them
  • Why are healthy trees less likely to be attacked by pests and diseases?
  • Different types of fungicides to use in organic gardens
  • How to protect your trees from above and below
  • Practical spring tips for preventing pests and diseases
  • Home spray units
  • Make your own organic fungicides
  • Diagnose common problems,
  • What healthy trees should look like at different times of the year.

You'll also learn about the life cycle and best organic prevention methods for these pests:

  • Rutherglen and Harlequin bugs
  • Controlling birds—different netting systems for home gardens
  • Fruit fly
  • Codling moth
  • Pear and cherry slug
  • Aphids
  • Fruit tree borer
  • Grasshoppers
  • Rabbits and hares
  • Apple dimpling bug
  • Earwigs and garden weevils
  • Carpophilus beetle

and these diseases...

  • Silver leaf
  • Brown rot
  • Black spot
  • Bacterial canker
  • Bacterial spot
  • Gummosis
  • Phytophthora
  • Blossom blight
  • Freckle
  • Shot-hole
  • Leaf virus diseases

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About Us

We – Hugh and Katie Finlay – draw on over 15 years' experience as orchardists at our farm, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, to bring you the Grow Great Fruit Program, the farm-proven system for home fruit growers.

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Our blog gives a snapshot on various aspects of life on the farm, with regular guest posts by Mel and Sas from the Gung Hoe Growers, and new farmer Ant.

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Grow Great Fruit Program

We grow organically, and teach organic growing principles and methods. We’re aware of the changing climate, so the farming methods we use help to create solutions, not add to the problem. We've poured years of experience into our farm-tested Grow Great Fruit program after talking to hundreds of home growers, and figuring out what you need most...information, security, and someone you can trust to help you solve your problems.


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