Pick Your Own Cherries


We aim to re-open the cherry orchard in November 2019.

We have opened the farm for pick your own in the past, but our cherry orchard was a casualty of the 2010 floods. Cherry trees hate wet roots, and most of the trees died when they had very wet roots for months. We replanted the orchard in 2013, and hope to re-open in 2019.

The cherry season runs from mid-November until the beginning of January, and most visitors to the farm prefer to pick the fruit themselves, though we also have pre-picked fruit at our farm shop. It is a fun experience, particularly for children, and as an added bonus, you get to taste the fruit as you go—we do ask that you don't go overboard (we like to hear people whistle while they pick!).

We supply buckets to pick into. We line the bucket with a biodegradable cornstarch bag, which once filled with cherries is lifted out and weighed. Or you can bring your own bag (recycled supermarket bags are great for this purpose, but cloth or paper bags also work), and you can also bring your own bucket or container.

You'll need shoes, a hat, drinking water, sunscreen, and insect repellent (the flies can be friendly!). We recommend the “slip slop slap” approach to being outdoors – cover up, as it is easy to get burnt when you’re busy picking cherries. Shoes are recommended, as snakes are a reality—although rare—in the country. It’s a good idea to wear old clothes because cherry juice has a habit of spreading.

An important part of the pick-your-own experience is learning how to look after the tree that feeds you!  We provide a short picking lesson for first timers, because it is in your interest as well as ours that the trees suffer no damage.

Allow about an hour for a satisfying visit, less if you’re in a hurry or just planning to buy from the farm shop, more if you’re in for a big haul for preserving, or to spread around the extended family. Many of our regular customers visit us during the cherry season as part of their weekly shopping trip!

(You may choose to visit the public toilets in Harcourt before your visit as we don't have public toilet facilities.)






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