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Discover The Healing Power Of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables With Easy & Delicious Juice Recipes Based On Exciting  New Research!

It sort of goes without saying that we're huge advocates of the health benefits of eating plenty of fresh organic fruit (and of course vegies), so we went looking for a great e-book to make it easy for you to introduce juicing into your life.

Along the way, we met Bob Hannum (he's the juicing expert on, and author of "Ultimate Juicing Recipes and Tips"), and were so impressed with the amount of research and study he's put into this amazing book that we looked no further. We're very happy to bring you....

We know many of you will be on (or interested in) some type of diet - paleo, vegan, vegetarian, the 5:2 diet, weight loss diets etc. The beauty of juicing is it fits into almost all of these diets, and has the huge benefit of making sure you don't miss out on getting the nutrients you need, regardless of which diet you're following.

Even if you're on a 'regular' diet, just living a busy lifestyle, eating a bit of junk food and not always making time to prepare meals from scratch can make it easy to miss out on getting the right nutrition. Fresh fruit and vegies are the way to go to get maximum nutrition, and juicing turbo-charges the benefit!

A couple of things particularly impressed us in this book:

  • These recipes deliver more nutrients to your body than you could ever get from even the best supplements or bottled juice!
  • These recipes fight specific illnesses based on actual nutritional research, not hearsay!

The other thing we love about this book is the section that looks at juicers themselves, and demystifies this often confusing topic. Bob has an extensive review list of many different types, brands and models of juicers, with pros, cons and typical prices. 

So, here it is, click on any of the pictures to see exactly what's in the book.

Happy juicing!




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