Feed your fruit trees and build healthy soil

When we started farming, we made (approximately) 10 million mistakes. There's nothing wrong with that, it's how you learn - but it would have been SO good to be able to avoid the worst mistakes and get good at fruit growing faster. 

One of the garden 'hacks' we've come to value is using worms as one of the main workers on the farm! We reckon that a worm farm is one of the "must haves" for any organic garden. 

Compost and compost tea are important (and easy) tools to improve your soil (and coincidentally, they both go better with a worm farm!).

Did you know that weeds have an important part to play in the natural fertility cycle? We think it's such an important and misunderstood topic that we've written several blogs about it!

Green manures are one of the fastest way to achieve rapid soil improvement by using plants, and it's something that's used in both the market garden and the fruit tree nursery on the farm. Even when you don't quite get the timing right, it's still worth the effort.

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About Us

We – Hugh and Katie Finlay – draw on over 15 years' experience as orchardists at our farm, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, to bring you the Grow Great Fruit Program, the farm-proven system for home fruit growers.

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Our blog gives a snapshot on various aspects of life on the farm, with regular guest posts by Mel and Sas from the Gung Hoe Growers, and new farmer Ant.

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Grow Great Fruit Program

We grow organically, and teach organic growing principles and methods. We’re aware of the changing climate, so the farming methods we use help to create solutions, not add to the problem. We've poured years of experience into our farm-tested Grow Great Fruit program after talking to hundreds of home growers, and figuring out what you need most...information, security, and someone you can trust to help you solve your problems.


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