Our Sustainability Plan

What does sustainability mean?

For us, it's about improving our little corner of the planet - our soil, our produce, and the way we do business, as well as using less of everything - less fuel, less packaging, less inputs, less labour. 

Yes, we've been called 'techno-hippies' because our Sustainability Plan brings together modern business thinking with old fashioned growing knowledge. But it works for us and helped us restore the balance between life and work, so you can download it for free because we want to share what we've learned. Please feel free to use this as a template for your own business. Hope it helps - enjoy!

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Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens 2015 Sustainability Plan
Our Sustainability Plan describes how our business, farm and lifestyle support our vision: "..
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About Us

We – Hugh and Katie Finlay – draw on over 15 years' experience as orchardists at our farm, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, to bring you the Grow Great Fruit Program, the farm-proven system for home fruit growers.

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Our blog gives a snapshot on various aspects of life on the farm. Currently Katie is documenting her journey as winner of the 2015 RIRDC Rural Women's Award for Victoria!

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MAFG Forum

Grow Great Fruit Forum

Our Grow Great Fruit Forum is a place where our program members can access member resources, ask questions, and find answers to their specific fruit-growing problems.

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