When should you pick your fruit?

A key part of producing edible, decent sized fruit at harvest is a job you do months before - fruit thinning! It's a bit of science, and VERY hard to make yourself do properly (all that wasted fruit being pulled off!!), especially as a new grower, but it pays you back in spades. We wrote a blog about the consequences of NOT thinning (and it's not pretty...)

But then, finally, it comes to harvest time....remember how good fruit used to taste? Do you have a childhood memory of eating fruit, ripe from the tree? Maybe your special fruit memory is a dish your mum made every summer, or bottled apricots eaten in the middle of winter. We wrote a blog about it:

Getting the picking time right is difficult though, and lots of people get it wrong. It always seems such a pity to waste your year's hard work, and the fruit tree's energy, by picking fruit that is either too green, or overripe. 

We're often asked how much fruit you can expect to pick from a fully grown tree, particularly when people are planning their garden. We took the chance to work out the actual harvest weight from a peach tree, and wrote about it here

Different environmental conditions can also influence when you pick your fruit, for example trying to harvest before a heatwave. Missing the window of opportunity can result in fruit losses from sunburn or internal browning, as we describe in the following blogs.

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