Tailored Workshops, Talks & Presentations


We can tailor-make a workshop for your group on any topic to do with growing deciduous fruit organically, including the following:

  • site assessment and choosing the best site to plant your fruit trees
  • soil testing, building healthy soil
  • designing and building a resilient watering system for your fruit trees
  • pest and disease prevention, identification and organic control - the natural way
  • applying permaculture principles to designing your fruit tree garden
  • pruning - winter or summer
  • making compost and compost tea
  • building and caring for worm farms
  • seasonal care of fruit trees
  • creating an annual plan for your fruit trees
  • planting and looking after young trees
  • grafting and growing your own fruit trees from scratch
  • organic growing, converting to organic production and establishing an organic business
  • planning your fruit trees to provide fresh fruit for as long as possible in your area
  • Correct picking and storage of fruit
  • fruit preserving, including jam-making and bottling (with or without a Fowler's kit)

Workshops usually have a practical, skills-based component, where participants learn and have time to practice new skills. While we find a 3 hour workshop works well to cover most topics, we can design a workshop to match the length of time you have available, and to suit the level of experience of your audience, from complete beginners to more experienced gardeners.

Talks and Presentations

We can also provide talks or presentation on the following range of topics:

Creating a successful online farming business, with almost no outlay.

The back story to the birth of our online business is a common tale of farming disaster and misfortune (familiar to many small family farms), leading us almost to the brink of leaving the farm. Our journey to where we are today, with a successful online business (and a successful farm)  the steps involved in building an online business

Using social media to connect with your customers

For both family farms as well as many other types of business, social media creates an unprecedented opportunity to connect with your customers, whether you're selling online or not. We describe the how and why of choosing which social media to use, and how we focus on getting maximum return for minimum effort.

Working with your spouse - and staying happily married!

We both take an active role in both the businesses we run together - the farm and our online business, and have developed a range of strategies to help us work harmoniously together.

Creating a Sustainability Plan for your business

In 2009 we created our first Sustainability Plan, and it led us to a new way of doing business. We can tell you the story behind how and why we created our Sustainability Plan, or take your group step-by-step through how to create a Sustainability Plan for their own business.


As a guide, we charge $600 for a half-day, and $1,000 for a full day. We may also charge travel time at $60/hr. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and ask for a quote, or download the flier here.


About Us

We – Hugh and Katie Finlay – draw on over 15 years' experience as orchardists at our farm, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, to bring you the Grow Great Fruit Program, the farm-proven system for home fruit growers.

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Our blog gives a snapshot on various aspects of life on the farm, with regular guest posts by Mel and Sas from the Gung Hoe Growers, and new farmer Ant.

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Grow Great Fruit Program

We grow organically, and teach organic growing principles and methods. We’re aware of the changing climate, so the farming methods we use help to create solutions, not add to the problem. We've poured years of experience into our farm-tested Grow Great Fruit program after talking to hundreds of home growers, and figuring out what you need most...information, security, and someone you can trust to help you solve your problems.


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