Site Visits

We offer two different types of site visit.

The first is a "Walk and Talk", where we visit your place and spend the time however you choose - assessing your trees, answering general or specific questions, giving lessons (e.g., pruning, caring for worm farms, making compost tea, etc.), providing advice (e.g., site selection, creating or choosing micro-climates, pest prevention, soil improvement), or helping you diagnose a problem. You're welcome to take notes and record the chat as we're going for your future reference.*

If you want a heap more value, we'll provide a "Full Site Analysis". On top of the Walk and Talk, we'll gather lots more information before and when we visit you, and provide you with a comprehensive written report afterwards that will act as a reference for your place for years to come.

Once you've booked a session, we'll send you an email with:

  1. some booking times for you to choose from
  2. a link to a questionnaire you need to fill out before your consultation begins. That way you'll get the best possible value out of the time we spend together.

What's included in the Full Site Analysis report?

  • a base map of your property
  • site assessment and recommendations for planting sites, taking into account slope, orientation, site topography, other vegetation, existing fruit tree locations, pest issues, vehicle tracks/access, actual and potential watering access points, your plans for the property, and your aims with fruit growing
  • a summary of the information we cover during the consultation
  • background information on all the major topics related to fruit growing (including references and anything else we think will help you put the information to good use)
  • assessments of individual trees if required, including photos and specific recommendations about pruning and tree health
  • planting recommendations including pollinators, probable flowering and harvest dates for your area
  • pest and disease diagnosis and prevention recommendations for your trees
  • information about your climate
  • soil type, basic soil analysis and recommendations for soil improvement
  • compost/compost tea/fertiliser/worm farm assessment and recommendations
  • guidelines for planting and caring young trees if required
  • pruning recommendations for old and young trees
  • recommendations about watering systems, how to set up or improve your system and how to build resilience into your system
  • grafting recommendations if required

What's not included in the site visit or report?

  • a property design, permaculture design or specific planting plan for your property
  • plus, we don't do your pruning, plant your trees or shovel your compost!

How long will the consultation take?

Allow between one and two hours for a Walk and Talk, and up to three hours for a Full Site Analysis.

Travel charge

Travel time is charged by distance from Harcourt. Choose the right distance category as part of the checkout process when booking your site visit.

Soil tests

We include a range of basic soil tests as part of your consultation if required, including:

  • pH
  • assesssment of soil type
  • assessment of soil layers

We can also collect soil samples and send them off for a range of laboratory soil tests, or we can teach you how to do it. (Please call us for a quote if you require any of these soil tests).

  • Nutrient levels
  • Salinity - price
  • Heavy metals/toxicity/contamination
  • Biological


  1. We may record parts of the Site Visit, by video, photo, or sound recording, and store the information for 12 months, in case we need to refer back to it for any reason. But rest assured, our conversation will be private and confidential, and we won't share the information with anyone else without your consent. By booking a Site Visit consultation with us, you agree to the conversation being recorded.
  2. While we're happy for you to record the session for your own use, we do not give permission for your recording, or any videos or photos of us, to be reproduced without our specific consent.
  3. Site visits do not include our labour for planting, pruning etc.
  4. Our recommendations will be partly based on information provided by you about specifics of your property.
  5. While we take all care in making recommendations about various aspects of growing fruit at your property, we take no responsibility for the outcome, as there are a great many variables outside of our control, including unforeseen or extreme weather events, pest or disease outbreaks, possible soil contamination, unknown previous site use, external contamination, and the decisions you make!
  6. Soil tests from external labs may include recommendations that we may or may not endorse.
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Once you've booked your consultation, we'll send you an email with: a selection of appoin..
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