We provide one-one-one (or group) help in three ways:

1. Phone/skype consultation

2. Site visits

3. Tailored workshops/presentations

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Phone/Skype Consultation
Have a chat on the phone about your situation and get the answers you need. We'll ask you to fill out a short questionnaire first, and you're welcome to send through photos, site map or anything else you think might be useful before our phone call, to make sure you get the best possible value out of our time together.

Site Visits
We offer two types of site visit:

Walk and talk
We'll meet you at your site and answer your questions. It's a great way for you to get some feedback about which site might best suit fruit trees, how to prepare your soil, check out any problems with existing fruit trees, and advise you on pruning.

Full Site Analysis and Recommendations
We'll spend as much time with you during the site visit as we need to make sure we get all the information required to provide you with comprehensive recommendations. You'll also get a written report that will act as a useful reference about your place. It includes:

  • a written report summarising the topics we cover during your consultation, including photos and recommendations for action on specific topics, plus
  • a base map of your site, identifying potential planting sites, with recommendations about what type of tree would grow best at each site
  • planting recommendations to suit your site, climate, preferences and conditions including pollinators, probable flowering and harvest dates for your area
  • pest and disease prevention recommendations for your trees
  • information about your climate, soil type, site topography and more.

You'll refer back to it for years to come!

Tailored Workshops, Talks & Presentations
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About Us

We – Hugh and Katie Finlay – draw on over 15 years' experience as orchardists at our farm, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens, to bring you the Grow Great Fruit Program, the farm-proven system for home fruit growers.

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Our blog gives a snapshot on various aspects of life on the farm. Currently Katie is documenting her journey as winner of the 2015 RIRDC Rural Women's Award for Victoria!

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MAFG Forum

Grow Great Fruit Forum

Our Grow Great Fruit Forum is a place where our program members can access member resources, ask questions, and find answers to their specific fruit-growing problems.

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